Welcome to the Gruszko lab homepage!

Our group tries to answer a fundamental question: Why is there something and not nothing? In other words, why is the universe we live in full of matter, when almost all of the physics we know about makes equal parts matter and anti-matter? Neutrinos could be the key, but to provide an answer we have to build extremely sensitive experiments deep underground. Our current efforts focus on the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR, LEGEND, and NuDot experiments.

Understanding the universe isn’t worth much if not everyone gets to share in the exploration, so we’re also passionate about mentoring, diversity, and outreach.

Mentoring office hours are currently paused, but please e-mail to set up a meeting time for a conversation about physics careers, coursework, or experiences in the community.

We’re currently seeking a graduate student who is interested in working on LEGEND, and the UNC neutrino group is seeking one or more postdoctoral fellows. We do not currently have openings available for additional undergraduate researchers, but Julieta is always happy to discuss research topics and future possibilities with interested parties. Drop by open mentoring office hours or e-mail her for more information.